What happens during the first treatment?

The treatment begins with a 10/15 minute consultation. This can be carried out over a phone call either before you arrive. I go through your diet, foods you eat, medication you might be taking, symptoms you are experiencing or any stress you are experiencing in your life.

Then you lie on the plinth fully clothed and I carry out the treatment, through gentle muscle testing using biochemistry feedback from your body with food/digestive enzymes/toxin vials, to see where your problems might be. When I get this information I then check other pathways like thyroid, cellular respiration, adrenals and hormones if necessary. It depends what the main symptoms are but I am not treating symptoms, my aim is to find the root cause of your digestive health concern and treat. I usually find a food your sensitive to and causing you digestive problems. Some people can have toxins such as virus, bacteria or fungus that have built up over time and this can be another issue causing you some problems. We find short term supplementation to help strengthen the gut bacteria and digestive enzymes. The aim is to strengthen the gut microbiome

What happens next?

I then discuss the food that shows during the test, you might have to try and eliminate this food for a while so that your digestive system strengthens and you feel better. Sometimes people just have to eliminate this food for the long term and more or less we know by the second visit. Clients feel a lot better when the particular food is eliminated and the body is strengthened or a particular toxin is removed.

What else do I need to know?

During the treatment I might find that the body is low in certain nutrients minerals or vitamins. These are explained to you and why you might need them so that you can get back to good health again. However, you the client are in charge of your own health and I suggest what is needed and food to be eliminated for a month if possible. You won’t have to make big changes, you can take things slowly and see how you are improving and feeling better within yourself.

How else can I be helped during this treatment?

If there is a troubling past trauma or stress in your life this can also be treated through kinesiology called emotional stress release or past trauma recall. Past emotions or worries can be released. For example if you feel anxiety or have stress at work or you have some unresolved issue from the past, these can be treated through BioKinesiology.

What do I do in the weeks that follow the treatment?

With your new diet advice and small lifestyle changes to follow you will notice improvements in your health. You should return for a check-up in 3/4 weeks to see how you are doing overall. I check digestive enzymes again, see if any toxin you might have had, has cleared.  I test to see if a particular pathway for example hormones, fatigue or thyroid had a particular issue on the first visit has now strengthened. I look at the nutrients you were on and test if you still need them or not. If you are back to health again then you can decide yourself when to have a check-up or during the year.

Do you treat babies and children?

Yes I treat people of all ages and babies. With a baby it’s usually a 30 to 45 minute treatment.