Health Education and Wellness Talks and Workshops

 I provide talks of 1hour 30 minutes to 2 hours in duration with lots of valuable health information and demonstrations. Empowering you to learn and gain insight into different health concerns, tools and practical knowledge you can use daily in your life. These talks are packed with information with handouts and diagrams/demonstrations for you. Each talk is written by me and can be tailored to suit your group if you prefer.

Small group size


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Phone 087 2700977   Contact me to arrange a talk for your group or see Facebook/Instagram for dates.

Digestive issues, like bloating, gas, abdominal pain and cramps, nausea, brain fog, allergies, candida, hormonal imbalance, trouble losing weight, toxins and food sensitivities may trace their origins to imbalanced gut microbes as a root cause.

Learn about the following:

A simple effective five minute routine you can do every morning or daily to energise your body.

How to improve and work your Lymphatic system.

Learn how to help your kidneys and liver stay healthy in simple ways.

How to have more energy.

Ways to help you sleep better.

Food intolerances and what to be aware of.

Toxins and parasites that can affect our health.

Learn key information on anti inflammatory foods and what health concerns they help with.

Menopause, healthy eating and supplements to improve your symptoms.

Nutrition for mental health.

Thyroid function and how to strengthen it.