Health Education & Wellness talks for schools.

Nutrition for mental and physical health.

B.A. H-Dip in Ed.

 Diploma in Biokinesiology ( BKAI). Dip. In Anatomy & Physiology.

Breege taught secondary school students for many years and is very experienced in giving talks/workshops to classes. I know what works for students in terms of getting information across to them in a meaningful way.

The aim here is to inform students of all ages how they can help their own health, in various simple ways through diet and nutrition and other practical ways relevant to them.

The talks are 60 minutes in duration, each talk can be written specifically for different ages/year groups although I work a lot with TY students.

The lesson is designed in a practical way; tips and tools teenagers can use to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition mental health, sleep and energy.

 Food intolerances, what does this mean?

Skin issues and how to help yourself naturally and what works.

Toxins we might have accumulated in the body and what to do.

Lots of practical advice on supplements, protein powders and lots more relevant information.

Get in contact to arrange a free consultation or to book a class talk.

 Phone 087 2700977