Treatments Available

Full Bio-Kinesiology Treatment

This includes consultation, food sensitivities test, grains (like wheat, oats), gluten, all dairy, meats, fish, vegetables and further food groups of your choice. Your digestive enzymes are also tested to see if your gut and digestive system needs to be strengthened. Toxicity like chemicals, fungus, candida, bacteria and more to find out if this might be further causing your health concerns. Other pathways like fatigue (energy pathway) or liver pathway, hormones and others can be included here. The aim is to find the underlying cause of your health concern and treat through:

  • Elimination of a certain food
  • Removing problem toxin, if any
  • Strengthening the digestive area with specific supplementation for a month
  • Help re-populate the gut with good bacteria

Price: €60

Session: 75 minutes

Food Sensitivity / Intolerance Test

If you prefer to see what foods you might be sensitive to and want this as a treatment on its own. There are many food groups I can test from. Advice re diet is included in this treatment.

Price: €30

Session: 30 minutes

Reflexology Treatments

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese medicine where the application of pressure to areas of the feet or hands. Areas of the feet the Chinese believe correspond to organs and systems of the body. Reflexology helps keep your body and mind in balance by applying pressure on certain points of the feet release Qi blockages in the body. These blockages may be resonsible for:

  • Back Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Pain
  • Shoulder / Neck Pain
  • Migraines
  • Infertility
  • Stress

If you have health cover, you might be able avail of subsidised treatments.

Price: €50

Session: 75 minutes

including consultation

Past Trauma Recall

Our traumatic experiences in early life can affect the way we react to daily stresses in adulthood and put us at risk of mental, physical and emotional health problems. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares or anxiety but the memories of these events can be stored in the subconscious and can be addressed using kinesiology. We try to find the root cause of some of the problems experienced currently

Price: €60

Session: 60 minutes

Indian Head Massage

On its own to release neck and shoulder and sinus tension. Combine this with a reflexology treatment or ESR treatment

Price: €100

Session: 100 minutes

Choose a treatment or combine treatments to suit your health concerns, 1/2 hour treatment if you prefer

Bio-Kinesiology with Reflexology Treatment


Food Testing with Reflexology Treatment


ESR (Emotional Stress Release) With Bach Remedies & Reflexology


There is a cancellation charge of 50% of the treatment price if appointment is missed or cancelled within 24 hours.